The notion of friendship is one that has different connotations to societies and cultures worldwide. To some it’s merely the exchange of the occasional word on your ritualistic daily travels, and to others, a friend is someone of brotherly-like status, someone who shares your secret language, someone would go to the ends of Earth for you and to whom, by comparison, all others are merely acquaintances.

In an exploration (and expansion) of this notion, luxury Scotch Whisky, Chivas Regal [1. Sponsored Post], has partnered with Academy Award® winning short filmmaker Joachim Back to release two cinematic films that focus on the trials, tribulations and idiosyncrasies of modern male friendships.


Entitled ‘Here’s to Big Bear’ and ‘Here’s to Twinkle’, the two films centre around a group of four friends and the vicissitudes that cement their friendship.

Taking the audience through break-ups, breakdowns and good times, Back brings his trademark comic sensibility to celebrate real friends and the stories that bind them forever.

The films form part of Chivas Regal’s ongoing Live with Chivalry campaign[2. Findings from The Future Laboratory’s Living With Chivalry Report that was commissioned by Chivas Regal in 2010.] and builds on the ideal of a new breed of gentleman, enjoying close-knit friendships with his loyal male friends.

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