Interesting in concept, absorbing in execution, Chris Dorosz’ 3D paintings or in the broader sense of the word ‘sculptures’ are most certainly awe inspiring. Picture the intricacy of a painting in one dimension, and then making it look like it’s in three (dimensions). The ‘Stasis’ series features everyday pictures taken from magazines, and by his own hand, as the source of his inspiration.

Dorosz then painstakingly recreates the image in a three dimensional styrofoam model, before breaking it down into his 3D plastic rod canvas.  Not content with lacquering on the paint with a brush in the more traditional style, Dorosz uses small beads of paint that he purposefully dots on the plastic rods. The end result is a master class in ‘drop painting’, leaving the onlooker a sense of depth of his artistry. Born in Ottawa in 1972,  Dorosz’ work currently resides at the gallery Leo Kamen. A true representation of the bodies and human profiles.