While we do have full appreciation of the ‘ordinary’ things in life, Ape to Gentleman exhibit a penchant for the unusual gifts, gifts that when opened evokes a genuine reaction rather than a false smile and a timid ‘Thank-you’. A gift says as much about it’s giver, as it does their regard of the recipient; which is not necessarily to do with price. This Christmas, Ape to Gentleman have put together 10 different gifts that will ensure that you still have friends to give gifts to next year, let us begin…

Cire Trudon – Boules Puantes (Stink Bombs)


Cire Trudon may own the prestigious title of “The Oldest Candle and wax maker still in operation” but their ‘Boules Puantes’ (aka Stink Bombs) show that they haven’t lost their sense of humour. While they may be called stink bombs, the name and the vials that contain the fragrance is where those similarities end. Ramdane Touhami, creative director of Cire Trudon, has increased the concentration of perfume in the Stink Bombs to give an instant blast of olfactory pleasure, in the scents that Cire Trudon have made their own. To use the Boules Puantes, just break the glass vial wherever you please, step back and take a deep breath.


The Stink Bombs come elegantly housed in a round gold tin emblazoned with the Cire Trudon logo. Each tin contains 10 glass vials.

This humorous gift present is guaranteed to impress.

Available in three scents:
Ernesto (Rum / Clove / Oakwood / Patchouli / Tobacco / Amber / Moss / Leather)
Abd el Kader (Spearmint / Lemon / Blackcurrant buds / Ginger / Clove)
Roi Soleil ( Green Leaves / Eucalyptus / Fir Bark / Cedar / Incense)



Commes des Garcons 8 88


Fragrance gift will be one of the most gifted products this Christmas, which makes the choice of fragrance all the more important. Japanese fashion house Commes de Garcons are renown for doing things differently, and their fragrances are no exception. CDG 8 88 is an Eau de Parfum that smells like… Well it smells (and looks) like Gold.

Comme des Garçons 8 88 Eau de Parfum conjures thoughts of Gold sequins locked within rock crystal in suspended animation.

As far as its ‘gift appeal’, the response to CDG 8 88 should be emphatic; if the oversized box is not enough to garner a reaction, the gold flacon will definitely do the trick.

50ml £61


Lanvin Playing Cards


Lanvin has once again become one of the ‘must-have’ brands and how better to introduce a little Lanvin into someone’s life than with these Limited Edition Playing Cards from the esteemed French fashion house. The white playing cards have multi-coloured illustrated faces on one side and sketched style numbering on the reverse. The cards come presented in a draw box covered with Lanvin illustrations accessible via a black grosgrain ribbon pull. Everyone should have a pack of cards, so why not make them Lanvin.



Union Jack Footstool


The Union Jack is an iconic image, recognised all over the globe; give someone a the gift of patriotism this Christmas.

The term Union Jack was initially used to denote flags flying on warships. In 1908 Parliament approved the term Union Jack as a general term for the national flag.

Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like an invitation to put your feet up and relax.


Georg Jensen Koppel Dial Pendant Watch


The answer to “What is the modern equivalent of a pocket watch?” among other sartorical questions, from Georg Jensen comes this exquistely simply design pendant watch, which as well as being used as a pocket watch can also be worn around the neck (no, not like Flava Flav).

The watch ia a collaboration with designer Henning Koppel was one of the leaders of Danish design in the post-war period. He brought his visionary sensibilities to watchmaking when he first launched this collection in 1978.

For those more audacious younger gents, Ambush have collaborated with Georg Jensen on the pendant watch under the concept

“A Young Heart Turns Back The Hands of Time”

Which features a limited edition pendant watch in Fluorescent Orange. To get hold of this one gents, you’ll have to make a trip to the Georg Jensen shop in Tokyo. A good reason to get over to Japan (as if you needed one).



Hermes Tie Scarf


The perfect accessory for the modern gentleman and fits in with the adage ‘wear a watchmaker’s watch’ as this certainly is a scarf maker’s scarf. No one could be disappointed when on unfurling the wrapping they see the iconic orange box. For those that are unsure how to wear it, scarf see the simple Hermes guide.



Tom Ford Private Blend Azure Lime


This year saw Tom Ford release the 13th scent in his Private Blend collection, namely Private Blend Azure Lime. The fragrance captures the easy style and relaxed glamour of Mustique, a private island nestled in the Eastern Caribbean.

“There is a captivating sense of warmth and luminosity there, balanced with an old-world charm that is unique to Mustique,”

says Tom Ford.

The fragrance itself opens with a radiant flourish of lime, evocative of the region’s lush citrus groves, which skilfully evolves into a casually elegant scent. The 50ml bottle (pictured) has the sleek architectural look of a chess piece, made in a dark brown glass inspired by the colouring of the apothecary bottles used in perfume laboratories.  Most certainly a winning gift.

Christmas is some gents answer to buying a fragrance so whatever fragrance you choose to give this Christmas make sure it’s a good one; they’ll probably be wearing it all year round.

Private Blend Azure Lime is exclusively available from all Private Blend counters.

Private Blend Azure Lime 50ml  £115.00
Private Blend Azure Lime 250ml  £260.00


eShave ‘O’ Shave Stand Brush and Razor


Much like with men’s fashion this season, grooming has seen a reversion towards heritage, and no facet more so than shaving.  Saftey-Razors are becoming ever present, as well as traditional shaving soaps and Badger hair brushes. For those not quite ready to make the step from Cartridge Razor to Safety (or indeed Straight) razor, eShave’s ergonomically crafted razors, using Gillette Fusion heads are a great alternative. The set above shows the link between the history of shaving and the ‘future’ with the elegantly designed ‘O’ stand juxtaposing the Classic Badger hair brush with the Gillette x eShave hybrid. One thing is certain; even if they don’t actually shave, they’ll keep it as an ornament.

‘O’ Shave Stand £90
Badger hair Brush £48
Luxury 5-Blade razor £68


Molton Brown.


Molton Brown has now become as popular with ‘Him’ as it is with ‘Her’ and we can sum up why in two words – Black Pepper.  Their Re-charge black pepper body wash is their bestselling, award winning shower gel which never fails to impress. If you would like to try something different, perhaps the ‘Three Musketeer’ set in the Active Cassia scent makes a great alternative, containing an active cassia hair & body sportswash, moisture rich aloe karite ultrabar and a active cassia deodorant. This may be one of the more obvious gift ideas in our selection, but it  is satisfaction guaranteed.

Classic Black Pepper £52

Three Musketeers Set £42


Limited Edition Art – Malarky x Subism


Subism shows that art doesn’t have to be of six figure value to be unique or indeed emphatic. Featuring original artwork and prints by artists such as Phill Blake, Julie West, Mr Penfold, Deus, Billy and other up and coming artists from the UK and around the world, Subism is the home for artistic creative. Pictured above is works form Subism’s newest artist, Malarky. Malarky’s subject matter explores the connection between nature, man, beast and robot.

One piece of Art can define an office, a home or perhaps a games room, making it a gift of great depth, thought and sentiment. If you’re feeling flush this Christmas, you can make the gift more special by commissioning a piece on a topic of your choosing.

From £30