Since the 1920’s Farah has had a strong affiliation with many subcultures. From the ‘mods’ in the sixties to the ‘casuals’ in eighties – the brand has inspired those young and old to celebrate the art of individual style.

This season they are set to define another age of influencers and creatives, with the launch of their Citizen of Farah project. The campaign will unite representatives from different cultural landscapes and gain insight on not only their lifestyle, but also the diverse knowledge they hold. These ‘citizens’ will share on-the-ground thoughts on everything from music, design, art and food directly with the Farah community, via their social media feeds.

The aim is to capture the true spirit and the diversity of it’s wearers who, till this day, continue to wear the logo with pride.


View a behind the scenes video of the chosen eleven who will front the Farah Spring/Summer 12 campaign.