With 3 out of 5 men expected to experience a form of hair loss at some point in their lives the male grooming brands are constantly attempting to find the gold standard in hair loss prevention. Kind of like searching for the holy grail!?

Hair loss can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Stress, exhaustive lifestyles and careers.
  • Male pattern baldness – thanks mum and dad!
  • Diet – low protein intake or iron deficiency can effect healthy hair growth.
  • An under-active thyroid.
  • Ageing, illness and some prescribed medicines.

Let’s face it, no one likes the thought of losing their hair. Some men embrace it some men loathe it. Either way, if your self esteem is suffering act now and find yourself a hair loss prevention solution.

Stopping short of implants, we review plenty of hair loss ‘holy grails’ and my favourite is Clynol. The Clynol barnet thickening regime comes in two stages… both contain high performing ingredients Taurine and Carnitine Tartrate – this may mean little to you non-scientists but their promise is to deliver natural energy to your hair, increasing the production of hair growth factors i.e. slow down hair loss.

  1. Clynol Activate 1 Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo. At £8.45 for 300ml it’s more than affordable. The shampoo strengthens and revitalises, maintaing hair density and encouraging growth.
  2. Clynol Activate 2 Anti Hair-Loss Tonic. At £11.95 for 100ml it’s again more than affordable. The tonic is applied after shampooing, a leave in treatment if you will.

Results wise, I was most impressed – my hair felt thicker and genuinely stronger, it really did. I’ve tried various hair loss preventers and so far, this is the leading the race.

Clynol promise reduced hair loss after 6 weeks of use and 80% root activation by week 24. The tonic is a runny almost water like texture and the shampoo thick and concentrated. This is fine, a rich concentrated shampoo – value for money and a lightweight tonic, ideal if you are wearing it all day.

In summary I would advise those worrying about hair loss to give Clynol a try. Remember this is hair loss prevention, it’s not a magic cure for bald men. I would also advise helping your Clynol regime by cutting down stress levels, improving your diet (more protein and iron; meat, fish, eggs and leafy green vegetables) and massaging your scalp as often as you can (improves blood flow/ nutrient delivery).