French purveyors of luxury natural handmade soaps Compagnie de Provence have started 2011 with a follow up to their 20th Anniversary Limited Edition bottles. The Anniversary Editions saw them commission Marseille artist Stephan Muntaner to provide the artwork for their classic yet contemporary glass bottles; this collaboration is with another creative, one of an entirely different hue, graffiti artist iLK.


Compagnie de Provence gave him free reign to create and decorate their famous liquid Marseille soap. iLK has reengineered the urban and graphic world of Compagnie de Provence by covering the bottles in graffitied wall style murals. The inspiration comes from the city of Marseille itself with its contrasting popular and friendly or proud and rebellious duality. The artist’s imagination conjured graffiti displaying the virtually mythological contrast between Heaven (pictured left) and Hell pictured right).

The iLK Graffiti Limited Edition Marseille Soaps will cost £16.50.

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