Today Ape to Gentleman has a prize for all would be collectors, Gentlemen and lovers of fine drink. Of all cognac to be exported, only 17% is legally recognised as Fine Champagne Cognac [1. Source: BNIC shipments 2004] and furthermore 80% of all Fine Champagne Cognac shipped from the region is produced by none other than Rémy Martin.

In 1731, French monarch Louis the Fifteenth decreed that no new vines could be planted without royal permission in an attempt to avoid over-production. Large fines would be assessed on any proprietor who did so. Despite this decree, Rémy Martin had already become a favourite of kings and the upper echelon of society and he was granted dispensation. In 1738, King Louis XV exceptionally granted Rémy Martin a warrant to expand his vineyard; it proved a crucial point in Rémy history and in the continued expansion of the Rémy Martin cognac empire.

Fine champagne Cognac made from the two best Crus in the “Heart of Cognac” region of France

Distillation: Rémy Martin distils the wine on the lees. This process brings more texture, taste and feelings to the cognac.
Blend:65% Grande Champagne / 35% Petite Champagne
The Age: Blend from nearly 240 eaux-de-vie and aged between 4-20 years in Limousin oak barrels.
The Colour: Shimmering Copper and Amber

The Aromas and Flavours:

Oak notes: An abundance of chocolate, cinnamon and ginger with hints of oak
Fruity notes: Exotic flavours, candied oranges
Floral notes: Lily of the valley
Palate: Extremely smooth, with dominant notes of Limousin oak and complex floral and fruity aromas.

Gentleman Deck of Cards

2011 brings a new mode of expression from Rémy Martin, namely a special limited edition “Gentleman Deck of Cards” created as part of the 1738 Accord Royal brand. The cards cover a range of topics from “Punctuality”, “Charm”, “The Colour Pink”, “Act of kindness” to (of course) “Drinking”.  These unique playing cards offer a variety of witty anecdotes and lifestyle tips on how to be a “Perfect Gentleman” along with additional information about the expansive Remy Martin heritage.

The Prize

Ape to Gentleman are giving you 5 chances to win a pack of 1738 Accord Royal Special Limited Edition “Gentleman Deck of Cards”.

To be in with a chance of winning simple answer the following question in the form below:

Which King granted Rémy Martin a warrant to expand his vineyard?

a) Ramses V
b) Louis XV
c) James III

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– The Remy Martin Competition is open to all entrants worldwide
– Entrants must fill in the Entry form and answer the question correctly to be included
– Only one entrant per email account will be accepted
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