Today Ape to Gentleman bring you news of the highly anticipated second release in the new Creed Royal Exclusives collection, Creed Spice and Wood.

Olivier Creed continues his Royal Exclusives collection with this new fragrance of depth and power, combining the finest aged woods and spices with exotic essences in the master’s blend. One of the most sweeping projects in Creed’s 250 years, Creed Spice and Wood is a special collection to state for all time the aesthetic value of fragrance and bottling as lasting art and investment.

Characteristics: Rich with natural treasures of the East and Europe, Spice and Wood is fit for wear in the competitive places of man’s life and in his realms of celebration, from concert hall to holiday fete. Presented in a Pochet glass decanter etched with the CREED family crest, Spice and Wood is crowned with a cut-glass cap that turns bottle into sculpture, an art asset for the home. CREED’s only 8.4 ounce bottle with a classic spray top, as opposed to a pour, Spice and Wood is the easiest CREED ever to enjoy.

Top note: Bergamot, essence of sun-drenched lemons and aromatic apples from Italy.

Middle note: Angelic root, oil of cloves, desert peppers, heady patchouli, a hint of white birch.

Base note: Egyptian iris and pungent cedar, oak moss and finest musk for depth.

This veritable piece of Creed history does not come cheap; expect to pay in the region of £350 ($550) for the honour adding this bottle to your fragrance collection.

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Note: Orders placed now will ship by 1st November 2010