Designed for men but equally popular with the fairer sex; Neroli is one of the most memorable fragrances from Czech & Speake. Bitter orange and orange flower blossom are infused with zesty fruit to create a refreshing fragrance with longevity.

Neroli, a floral affair is emphasised by layering – with a heady mix of ylang yang, derived from the blossoms of an exotic Asian tree. Neroli was the first fragrance Czech & Speake created for their Aromatics collection – inspired by an original 18th century French formula allegedly blended for Napoleon Bonaparte, rumoured to be a huge fan of Neroli.

This light, refreshing fragrance is ideal for hot climates. It is available as a cologne, after shave and now; a luxury bath oil. The latter – a blend of herbal and essential oils in a non-greasy formula with mild on the skin, cleansing and anti-inflammatory Safflower.