I take great pleasure in introducing you, our fine readers to fragrance brand of note; D.S. & Durga. Created by an NYC based American duo; man and woman, who share an unquenchable love for exclusive, premium-sourced raw materials and small batch, unisex, perfume and cologne.

Durga & D.S.

D.S. (David Seth Moltz) is from idyllic New England on the North Eastern tip of the United States. And Durga (Kavi Ahuja Moltz), from New Jersey – an erudite student of architecture and design. The pair met in New York City, and through a mutual passion for fine fragrance, set about creating their namesake; D.S. & Durga.


“Durga had an idea: she could distill her designs into the architecture of fragrances (and the packages they live in) and D.S. could write songs in scent.”

Their fragrances are inspired by herbal wisdom, legend, trailblazers and foreign lands, amongst many others. The process began with the pair tincturing flowers, herbs, and spices to make aftershaves for friends. Production methods are likened to the pre-industrial cottage industries of North America – methodical, time-consuming and low in yield but the results are colossal – with an emphasis on quality above quantity.