Anyone who has ever owned Cool Water will testify to it’s quality, and no doubt still own a bottle today. To coincide with the 25th anniversary of Cool Water, Davidoff have partnered with National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Expeditions. Pristine Seas’ mission is to identify, study and protect fragile marine ecosystems across the world. A more than worthy cause, and a great tie-in for Cool Water.

Davidoff is a Swiss-based family business that manufactures luxury watches, pens, leather goods, eyewear, cognac and coffee. And most importantly, in the fragrance world; Cool Water. Launched in 1988, Davidoff Cool Water has stood the test of time, becoming one of the most successful fragrances ever.

Key words in the Cool Water story are fresh, sporty and of the ocean. Maybe it’s the deep blue colourway of the bottle and fragrance, it certainly helps – but additionally Davidoff did in some way, manage to represent the characteristics of the ocean in a bottle.

The campaign featuring actor Paul Walker is called Love the Ocean 2, a renewal of Davidoff and National Geographic’s partnership. Available now, are limited edition sleeved packs of Cool Water, with each purchase made helping to protect 10,000 square meters of ocean. So, if you’re running low on fragrance, or we have inspired you to reinvest in Cool Water – pick up a limited edition pack now, where you will find a unique QR code can be activated at – and or, navigate to the Davidoff Cool Water Facebook page where a ‘Like’ will mean 5,000 square meters more ocean will be protected.