Radox has launched a new Men’s shower range featuring two Deep Clean Shower Scrubs, and two invigorating Shower Gel & Shampoos, that promise to leave men feeling clean and fresh fast.

Each Radox deep clean Shower Scrub contains added natural particles that deeply clean the skin, restoring it to its original best condition. The Radox invigorating Shower Gel & Shampoos contains invigorating fragrances with a special ‘tingle’ effect to help bring you back to life in the morning.

The Radox Men’s range is comprised of four variants available in 250ml which will retail at £1.99 (RRP):

Radox Men Deep Clean Watermint & Sea Minerals
Radox Men Deep Clean Shower Scrub Lime and Ginger
Radox Men Invigorating Shower gel and Shampoo Mint and Tea Tree
Radox Men Invigorating Shower gel and Shampoo Lemon and Tea Tree

To claim its rightful space in the bathroom each product features the classic Radox hook, allowing for easy storage and quick reach in the shower cubicle:

Jonathan Moore, Marketing Director of Radox explains the decision to launch an exclusive men’s range:

“Our male consumers wanted something that was just for them, a product made with them in mind. They wanted to feel clean and refreshed, quickly and with minimal fuss – and they wanted something that was theirs in the bathroom. We think the new Radox range answers each question, and delivers a deep, invigorated clean every time.”

About Radox
Radox is the U.K.’s favourite washing and bathing brand with 100 years of experience in sourcing and blending herbs and minerals to deliver bath, shower and liquid soap products that help you feel better.