One key area of debate in the men’s grooming industry centres around the use of cosmetics. The argument for men to look like ‘real men’ is a sound one, however that alone as a reason against male cosmetic use is misleading. The ambiguity in male cosmetics lies in the tendency to draw parallels with the female equivalent. Men on the whole tend to use cosmetics to cover features they are not happy with (aka concealers and face powders for problem skin, spots etc), whereas women tend to use cosmetics more for enhancement of features (mascara, eye shadow, lipstick etc).


A good example of a concealer for men is Disguys from male only cosmetic brand Guyliner. Disguys is an intelligent cover-up stick that will conceals blemishes to leave an even looking skin tone.

How to use

  1.  Apply sparingly to your spots, blemishes and under eyes*
  2.  Use the pad of your middle finger to tap over the required areas until suitably blended.

*Gauge results and reapply if more required. The less used the better gents;

The idea is that you get comments such as “You’re looking well!” rather than “Are you wearing make-up?” – there’s a fine line between the two.


There are 3 different shades of Disguys for various skin tones; light, medium or dark.

Disguys is priced at £9.00 and available from selected Boots stores and online from 1st August 2011.