My quest for the perfect chino (or khaki) has been ongoing for some time now, with countless pairs arriving only to be consigned to my ‘unwanted drawer’. In a strange way I have become almost obsessed with finding the answer to smart but casual trouser-wear and in particular the chino. The chino’s popularity is immense; a good option for almost any occasion; with its trademark classic style, comfort, construction, fit and perfect middle ground between smart and casual.

The chino’s inherent popularity has caused it to become a victim of its own success. I’m referring to the chino here as an after thought within a collection, or as some may regard it as “just a trouser”. Obviously some brands take far more care and of late I am pleased to say I have come across such positively contributing brands; Sunspel and Canali. My search has taken me to brands I’ve had good past experiences in other clothing fields with but who have failed to quench my chino thirst.


The purpose of this post is to enlighten you, if you haven’t been already been, with the new Dockers Alpha Khaki Collection, perfectly surmised below…

The first of a new generation of khakis for the next generation of men, where jeans end and khakis begin.


The Dockers Alpha Khaki Collection, for me, offer the magic formula by sitting low on the waist with a slight ease in the rise. The slim, stylish thigh loses no strength with a dense and rugged construction which comfortably moulds to your body yet keeps its shape. Heavier stitching and reinforced seams marry longevity with a neat tapered leg. A harmonious blend of everything I mentioned earlier… trademark classic style, comfort, construction, fit and the perfect middle ground between smart and casual.


At £80 a pair the Dockers Alpha Khaki Collection sets a new standard. Available to buy from the Dockers website in a variety of colours (see below).