How could Ape to GENTLEMAN not cover a fragrance by Dolce&Gabbana named, the one gentleman? Well, we did miss the launch of the oriental notes based scent which was launched late last year to celebrate 20 years of the Dolce&Gabbana line but we haven’t missed the launch of the associated iPhone App.


The fragrance will help you smell like a modern day gent and the App has been designed to help you behave, dress and groom like one.

The App itself is stylishly designed (as you’d expect) and well laid out with three main subjects, Etiquette, Style and Grooming. Content is supplied by Dylan Jones, current editor of GQ UK – a man who knows a thing or two about this sort of thing.

In particular the grooming section has advice on shaving, fragrance and skin care. Etiquette and Style cover tips ranging from how to treat a date to correctly tying a tie.


A pretty handy App for access to gentlemanly advice similar to Thomas Fink’s The Man’s Book or for when you have no data coverage to access Ape to Gentleman!

Download Dolce&Gabbana Rules for the Modern Gentleman from iTunes.