For the first time ever, Donald Trump has shared the secrets behind his unique hairstyle.  Though he refutes that his coif is “a combover” – this signature look has become an iconic symbol for the reality-TV star, businessman and presidential hopeful.

“The combover is an old trick favoured by men with thinning hair” says Celebrity Hair stylist, Thom Priano; an expert on thinning hair and a go to stylist for Hollywood’s leading men.

Priano’s #1 grooming tip for men: “SAY NO TO THE COMBOVER!”

“There are four things a man with thinning hair should do,” says Priano.  See which ones Trump got right:

Tips for Thinning Hair

1. “Ask your stylist for a cropped, layered cut if your hair is straight, or a short to medium layered cut if your hair is curly.”

2. “Use a hair regrowth foam twice daily (such as Regaine) and look for shampoos and styling products with a V for Volumising.  Avoid heavy gels that weigh down hair.”

3. “If your thinning on top, don’t over blow dry the hair.  Instead let it dry naturally.”

Trump got this step right

 “Ok, what I do is, wash it. I don’t dry it, though. I let it dry by itself.” – Donald Trump

4. Another win for the Trump? “I then comb my hair. Yes, I do use a comb.”

Priano recommends, “a plastic brush or comb with rounded tips which is more gentle on the hair than bristles.”