Dove, the much-loved brand from Unilever UK that sparked a global conversation about real beauty is now starting a different conversation – this time with men. 2010 see’s the launch of its first ever male grooming range – Dove Men+Care, developed to bring greater skin comfort and care to UK men without compromising on performance.

The new proposition, targeting the more mature man, is the UK’s only range to offer a shower and deodorant specifically designed for these men.

Available now, Unilever’s biggest launch of 2010 will be supported by a massive £12 million marketing investment.

Paul Connell, Brand Manager, at Unilever UK comments: “Our vision is to extend the Dove brand promise and expertise of superior care to men across deodorants and shower, the two fastest-growing sectors in male toiletries.

“Up until now men have been forced to accept discomfort and irritation as a necessary compromise for performance. Dove Men+Care is a new men’s grooming range for men that is clinically proven to provide both skin comfort and top efficacy.

“There’s a huge gap in the market as there are currently no toiletry brands specifically catering for more mature men, which the new Dove Men+CareTM range is set to fill.

“For many men, purchasing personal care products continues to be a chore and many can still be found using unisex or female products, which is partly driven by a belief that there is nothing better available specifically for them.

“There is a real category opportunity to address this and therefore grow the grooming repertoire of men over 40 in the UK.”

The 12 strong range has been formulated with male specific requirements in mind and includes a body and face wash that fights dryness, and an antiperspirant deodorant that offers 24 hour protection and unbeatable skin caring action

With 51% of men saying that current body washes don’t care for their skin and 38% of men citing ‘does not give dry skin’ as the most important skin care product characteristic, new Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash with MICROMOISTURE is clinically proven to fight the causes of skin dryness better than the leading male shower gel.

Dove Men+Care also includes a range of deodorants that are tough on sweat, but not on skin. Over half of Men think antiperspirant deodorants dry their skin and 50% of men currently claim to experience underarm irritation from using deodorant.

The Dove Men+CareTM Antiperspirant Deodorants feature the advanced ¼ moisturiser technology that consumers expect from Dove, which delivers 24 hour powerful and unbeatable skin caring action.

The packaging is in keeping with the familiar Dove family of products, but with a masculine design and colour scheme. With a background of strong grey, each product has bright colour coding so that shoppers can clearly see which variant they are choosing, giving the range great standout on shelf.

The marketing campaign will include high impact outdoor and press advertising, radio, online and PR, as well as a dedicated TV advertising campaign, designed to resonate with the target audience, and of course, in-store POS opportunities for retailers.