Fairness, honesty, and integrity are words politicians like to use but rarely deliver on. When Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps use these words you can rest assured that they mean it. Dr. Bronner’s iconic soaps are FairTrade, natural, organic and as an organisation they campaign tirelessly for honest labelling of products in the beauty industry.

Products, like politicians, have a cunning way of pulling the wool over your eyes to what really lies beneath. The number of pseudo ‘organic’ and ‘natural‘ beauty products making false claims and printing misleading labels is staggering. There is no industry regulation to prevent this from happening, we are all buying products we think are healthy for us when in fact they may not be. Dr. Bronner’s are campaigning to change the industry so that we, the consumer, can make purchasing choices based on facts.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are certified Fair Trade, wholly biodegradable and made with organic oils. The soaps have 18 in 1 uses: you can use them to wash your body, your hair, your teeth, your pets, your dishes, even your car! Dr. Bronner’s work with communities all over the world ensuring that all workers producing their raw ingredients in India, Ghana, Palestine, Israel and Sri Lanka earn a fair wage and have a decent standard of living. Every year Dr Bronner’s gives away a large portion of profits to charities working on everything from helping inner city youths go camping, to organic standards enforcement, to funding orphanages in poor countries. Famous fans include Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Eminem, Make-up artist Bobbi Brown and even our very own Boris Johnson. With no synthetic foaming agents or preservatives, it leaves your body and home as clean as a whistle and your conscience as clear as crystal.

Available in a travel size of just 59ml at £1.69 or 236ml £4.99 or 944ml £11.99

Dr. Bronner’s is available nationwide including Liberty, Fenwick, selected Waitrose stores and leading health shops such as Whole Foods Market.