The intelligent mix of irreverent Canadian wit and refined Italian tailoring, together with attention to detail are the foundation of today’s Dsquared2 philosophy, which has given life to a unique concept of alternative luxury. Breaking the mold by mixing fashion theory with notable myth, to create something very different and very special. The strange ideas used by the Canadian duo have moved fashion aside for fragrance and could have landed Dsquared2 a possible summer hit for 2013.

The idea behind the latest fragrance ‘Black Royal’ is routed in ancient history from the origins of alchemy and Egyptian mythology. The word alchemy is derived from Keme-Khmi the Egyptian hieroglyph that means ‘black earth’ which is meant to indicate a human soul that has turned black and fertile after the floods of the Nile. Earth is an element of alchemy, where everything lives, grows, and moves. This ideology is evident through the use of Balcanic tobacco, Atlas cedar wood, leather accord and deep undertones in the makeup of this fragrance. Aiming to be powerful but not intimidating, merging the black elements perfectly without compromising any of the freshness that can be expected from a summer fragrance.

If you are already a fan of Dsquared2 then the readily recognisable bottle with its distinctive side grooves will come as no surprise. It has been finished with a glossy black lacquer and gold logo.

Dsquared2 Potion, Black Royal 100ml retails at £67.00 which remains constant with the previous offering from Dsquared2.