To celebrate the 2012 Olympics in London (dunhill’s hometown), Alfred Dunhill has today launched the Spring Summer 2012 edition of their ‘Voice’ Campaign; a series of portrait videos giving us a glimpse into what makes iconic men so remarkable.


This season Dunhill feature the legendary British Olympian Sir Matthew Pinsent, double Olympic gold medal sailing champion Iain Percy and the trail blazing young Olympic hopeful Louis Smith.

Ian Percy – Olympic sailor


Matthew Pinsent – Olympic rower


Louis Smith  – Olympic gymnast


About Dunhill Voice
The campaign is realised through a series of striking black and white portraits and supported with individual video interviews conducted on set where the cast give their opinions and experiences, providing an intimate insight into their personalities and what makes them who they are. Voice is about real men of different ages and from different backgrounds, but each a man of distinction. Men who have achieved great things in their chosen fields and continue to excel with humility and grace. Men who embody timeless values that are worth aspiring to – qualities like compassion, dedication and conviction. Brilliant, inspiring, driven, engaging men with opinions, flaws and stories to tell.