Sisley have taken their time approaching the men’s grooming market and quite rightly so; their timely, considered approach has resulted in the premium Sisleyum anti-ageing products and now they are set to launch their first ever men’s fragrance. Eau D’Ikar is a fragrance crated very much with a theme in mind, namely the myth of Icarus, which follows throughout the fragrance including with the bottle design.

“Ikar – A name that embodies our poetic ambition, the deep desire in man to fly – not in defiance of the heavens, but rather to rise above the ground, for lightness, intensity, freedom”

The Scent

High quality, rich in fine natural essences, Eau D’Ikar is structured around the Mastic, a Mediterranean shrub, and Corsica, birthplace of the d’Ornano family (the owner’s of Sisley). Mastic is omnipresent in the fragrance being included in the top, middle and base notes.


For the top, essence of Mastic, green, crisp and bright, is illuminated by fruit. Bitter Orange, Bergamot and Lemon alongside Carrot seeds for a fresh sparkling and luminous start.


The heart combines Mastic absolute and floral spicy accords of Iris, Jasmine and Orange pekoe tea, refreshed by Reeds. It slowly reveals its unexpectedly warm facets:


The very masculine base note is powerful and seductive – the deep, dark heart of mastic mingles with the amber animal notes of Green Cistus, another Mediterranean plant, and woody notes of Sandalwood and Vetiver root.

“I would so love, as Icarus,
above the clouds
Towards the fiery zone
where storms are born
To rush and perish once
I had seen the heavens…”
Louis Ménard

The bottle itself was designed by Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof; his expertise in sculpting is evident as he subtly fashioned, in keeping with the Greek mythology, a man’s torso into the thick of the glass.

Sisley’s Eau D’Ikar will launch this October and be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette spray.