Few things in life make you feel more manly than taking charge of Fuego proceedings on a hot summer’s day -well hot if you’re not in the UK. This is one way to take charge in style. The Element Outdoor Grill by Fuego is an advanced functional grill with a contemporary design and great barbecuing features – it even has a foldout table to hold your beers.

As for the cooking side of things, the grill has a 24,000 btu dual-burner with different zones for either direct or indirect heating. The grill is also customizable; there’s a bevy of options such as adding a roasting lid, pizza stone, and griddle plate if ever you need to go beyond just burgers, steaks, and hotdogs. The simple, eye-catching design comes in a variety of colours to suit. If all that fails to convince you, it’s certainly a great way to get one over your neighbours.