New from Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums, Acqua Di Iris. A fresh and invigorating interpretation of their original classic, Acqua Di Bergamotto.


“Acqua Di Iris for the Zegna man whose sophistication, confidence and freshness make him a pillar of modern style. Like a breeze from the Mediterranean, he embodies the carefree spirit of the Italian coast, seeking newness and innovation. Enter the world of the alluring, complex Zegna man with Acqua Di Iris.” – Ermenegildo Zegna

The Iris, rich in Italian heritage, incorporates the Zegna Bergamot’s citrus freshness with dewy violet leaves, drawing in elements of spice, driving the immediacy of this signature to the forefront. Sleek woods and cistus labdanum absolute, lightly softened by musk, bond immediacy with strength and unveil Iris’ masculine heart. 

A simple fragrance with a cool confidence, the Acqua Di Iris much reflects the Zegna man himself.

100ml for £82 at JOHN LEWIS