Following massive success over the pond, eShave a luxuriously affordable solution in male grooming is set to recreate its success in the UK. eShave provide a wide range of shaving products, including scents, pre shave oils, shaving creams and after shaves, alongside a selection of traditional handmade shaving accessories. The brand is also dedicated to providing a comprehensive shaving education, teaching men a successful technique whilst giving helpful tips to banish problems such as ingrown hairs and razor burn. By combining education with customary shaving materials in sleek and fashionable designs, eShave is the first brand to give customers a complete shaving service.

The brand that was started by Danielle Malka 12 years ago is sold in more than 15 countries. Rave reviews have been featured in many publications including the US versions of Men’s Health, Men’s Vogue and Esquire, and the brand is starting to gain a large celebrity following, including the likes of Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake.

Habitual activities such as shaving are often rushed due to our increasingly hectic lifestyles. This can cause cuts and unsightly rashes that don’t appeal in our aesthetically driven society. With competition in the job market rising notably since the recession, appearance is gaining even higher precedence. This demonstrates the importance of maintaining a regular grooming regime, to ensure that your first impression is always a good one.