Using a shaving brush can be likened to having a pet; once you’ve had one, you can’t imagine life without one. eShave founder and developer, Danielle Malka, declares, “We have seen a high demand from our jet set clients for a brush to use on the go so we decided to create the ultimate travel brush.” Good thinking.

The travel shave brush uses the same fine badger hair that is used for their regular shaving brush so that there is no compromise. Even the handle design of the brush was taken into consideration; small enough to fit into a travel bag but long enough for a comfortable hold.  Simply unscrew the canister and pull out the brush. The sleek canister is ventilated on the top so that the hairs can breathe and dry properly to cater for the traveling shaver.

“Why use a shaving brush at all?” some might ask. Well using a shaving brush has many benefits and is the fastest and easiest way to prepare for a close and comfortable shave. It is the most efficient way to exfoliate, lather the shaving cream and to raise the hair, making it easier to shave. Doing so, it protects the skin & softens the hair. Be sure to shave using warm water to open the pores and allow the closest shave possible. Available in the following colours: Black, Pink, Green, Clear, and Blue.