The reaction to the burgeoning male grooming industry has taken form in various guises, not only with the products, but with Spa treatments as well. The answer to this growth in demand has led to purveyors of luxury spa treatments ESPA[1. This is a Sponsored Post] augmenting their existing men’s offering with a further four new products. Combining over 30years of spa knowledge and heritage with natural ingredient intelligence ensures formulations that average over 99% natural ingredients and are both luxurious and effective.

“The new ESPA men’s collection is packed with powerful natural ingredients in highly efficacious levels that work hard and fast to keep men’s skin in optimum condition; perfectly moisturised, supple, smooth and healthy-looking every day.”


ESPA Age Rebel Moisturiser (£37, 35ml)

An intensive age-defying formula to boost vitality whilst firming and quenching dull, dry skin.

Key Benefits:
– A powerful moisturiser to firm and restructure the skin
– The actives-rich formula hydrates and revitalises to leave skin smooth and supple whilst protecting it against the environment
– Sweeps away dead cells to reveal fresher looking skin

Key Ingredients:
– Micro Algae firms and restructures
– Sea Fennel’s antioxidant properties help protect against environmental damage
– Velvet Horn, Golden Seaweed and Black Oat lock in moisture to retain skin hydration
– Chitin aids the removal of dead skin cells
– Acai is a powerful antioxidant to boost skin vitality

ESPA Age Rebel Eye Hydrator (£35, 25ml)

Powerful hydration for the eye area to prevent the signs of ageing, reduce puffiness and protect against environmental pollution.

Key Benefits:
– A super-hydrator to deeply nourish the delicate tissue around the eye area and replenish dehydrated skin
– Reduces the appearance of fine lines whilst combating puffiness and protecting the skin from external pollutants

Key Ingredients:
– Ginko Bilboa stimulates micro-circulation to reduce puffiness and dark circles
– Borage hydrates the dry skin around the eyes
– Neroli offers environmental protection through antioxidant properties

“ESPA products are developed from sourcing ingredients of the finest plant extracts and oils, all of which are ethically sourced from around the world. We strive to ensure that all our raw ingredients are harvested from sustainable sources.”

ESPA Invigorating Body Reviver (£22.50, 200ml)

An instantly invigorating and intensely cooling exfoliating cleanser to revive, cleanse and smooth the skin.

Key Benefits:
– A rich SLS & SLES free foaming cleanser that gently yet effectively removes dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth
– Uplifting and zesty aromas awaken the mind and the body
– Antioxidant properties enhance skin protection

Key Ingredients:
– Lemongrass, Lime and Thyme revitalise and awaken the mind
– Bora Bora Sand clears and exfoliates the skin
– Coconut extract and Moringa Seed Oil deeply cleanses
– Malachite gives the skin antioxidant protection

ESPA Energising Shower Gel (£18, 200ml)

An intensely enlivening shower gel to stimulate the body and awaken the mind.

Key Benefits:
– A refreshing, rich SLS & SLES free foaming cleanser that gently yet effectively cleanses the body
– Zesty aromas awaken the mind, enhancing clarity and aiding concentration, and revitalise the body

Key Ingredients:
– Peppermint enhances mental clarity and focus
– Eucalyptus revitalises the body

The new ESPA collection is available now from, nationwide spas, Liberty of London and select Harvey Nichols stores.