Not one for convention, we’ve decided to launch the new dawn of the Ape to Gentleman saga with a musical compilation to interpret the brand, and give our readers something back. We’ve been championing the diverse musical art form of DJ Angelo for quite sometime now, so we asked him if he would perform the unusual task of translating Ape to Gentleman into music. We’re glad to inform you that he accepted. Here’s what he had to say:

EA: What were your first thoughts when we approached you to interpret the Ape to Gentleman brand in a mix?

DJA: I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between music and emotions. Aside from the turntablism and crazy stuff I do on the decks, I’m passionate about representing the true essence of being a DJ, which has always been about selecting the right music for the right audience. Being asked to create the Ape to Gentleman mix gave me the perfect opportunity to delve deep into my crates and serve up a compilation of gems from a wide spectrum of genres. I think the mix showcases a different facet of what I do and it gave me a reason to play tracks that I like, but don’t often get to share with others.

EA: Was it hard to find the right musical selection for the mix?

DJA: (Smiles) It was tricky at times. I wanted the mix to appeal to a large audience whilst using tracks that mainstream listeners may not have heard. On top of that, it had to incorporate my personality as a artist. I think the diversity of sounds represents the Ape to Gentleman brand and will appeal to every man whether you’re a musician, a chef, or a F1 driver!


EA: Most people know you as a turntablist and a Party rocker. How do you think your current audience will react to the music in this mix?

DJA: The mix is designed to be more of a listening experience and fuses material originating from Chile to Hungary, and from bedroom producers to established artists. The musical content may not be what people expect having seen me perform in clubs or in my YouTube videos but I really hope people appreciate the depth of the musicality.

EA: I have to say we all love the mix @ Ape to Gentleman, I know it’s early days but any chance of an Ape to Gentleman Mix 2…?

DJA: (Laughs) Well let me put it this way, as long as there’s great music out there, there’s always a chance I’ll get hold of it and put it to good use.


EA: Finally Angelo, If you could offer one piece of advice to all the modern gents out there, what would it be?

DJA: Good Question… Don’t follow trends….set them.

The Ape to Gentleman mix is free to download fromiTunes.