Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist is a man that needs no introduction in the world of fashion. Quite simply, he appreciated the ‘art’ of people watching so much so that he created a visual representation of his choice subjects. As it happens, the vast majority of us mirror his affection for his choice subjects.

“The way I do it, is just the way I do it” -Scott Schumann

Featured above is a short video documentary on the Sartorialist entitled ‘Visual Life’ which gives a brief insight into the world of Scott Schumann. Ape to Gentleman have always been evangelists of the link between fashion and grooming, and this video again highlights this inherent relation with Scott Schumann starting his day off with a visit to the barbershop and a hot towel face massage. If you peruse his shots on The Sartorialist, you’ll also notice how facial hair, hair styling and skin texture reflects/compliments the styling and enhances the aura of the shot.


Note the choice of grooming products in the Barbershop; the searing blue of the Baxter of California packaging is evident against the backdrop of the rustic barbershop shelving. Shows visually the how modern grooming elements and design can sit alongside the classic. A special mention for the barber’s moustache; you only get a glimpse of the ‘stache as a reflection in the mirror, but in that momentary glimpse you can see that ‘stache is one of character. Enjoy the video gentlemen.