Festival season is without doubt the highlight of any music lover’s calendar and this year will be no exception. We all look forward to the bands, the drink and the beautiful weather (one can only hope!) but lets face it, by the end of the day no matter what the weather was like, everyone starts to look like a dog’s particularly unappetising dinner. Shockwaves Style Director Michael Douglas has come up with a few fail-safe styles that, with the help of the Shockwaves styling range, will keep you fellas looking cool from dawn until dusk.

The Festival Throw Back

Michael says: “This is a simple 50’s throw back, one of the first hairstyles to develop post war. This style spelled out the end of men wearing hats and the  birth of rock ‘n’ roll style, a classic because it will never date or be out of fashion.”

• Start with a hair cut short around the ears, keeping the hair quite long on top and leaving the back and sides
• Blow dry some Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold Gel back through the hair pushing it away from the face
• Finish by smoothing some Shockwaves Re-Create Styling Wax to give the style a bit of texture

The Festival Grunge

Michael says: “This is a very modern take on 90’s grunge hair, inspired by the legendary Kurt Cobain. The hair should look loose and uncared for  throughout the day, leaving you with nothing to worry about apart from the toilet queues.”

• Apply Ultra Strong Rock and Hold Gel to damp hair for a sweat resistant formula and blow dry in
• Back comb the roots only, starting at the front and working back
• Use a bristle brush to push the hair back and over to one side and finish by scrunching in some Shockwaves Go Matt Clay to shape your style leaving a natural matt effect

The Festival Rocker

Michael says: “First seen in the late 80’s on frontmen like Michael Hutchence from INXS, this look was taken and reworked from the late 60’s rock  stars such as Jim Morrison of The Doors and blended with the 80’s house scene.”

• Apply Shockwaves Curls and Waves Mousse to damp hair – do not use a comb – just scrunch in using your hands
• Place a parting in the centre or push all the hair back off the face and leave to dry naturally
• Once dry apply some  Shockwaves Re-Create Styling Putty by squeezing it into the curls and waves, giving you long lasting hold and a slightly messy look

And there you have it – three styles to ensure you look your damn best through all the wild and raucous behaviour. Job done.