Frederic Malle’s Fleur Mecanique (Mechanical Flower) is exactly that – an aesthetically pleasing machine which diffuses a completely natural floral scent when you require it. The scent can be chosen from Five concocted by two of the chief Nez at Frederic Malle, Dominique Ropion and Carlos Benaim.

The fragrance diffuser has been designed to be quiet enough that you can lie right next to it, engulf yourself in the scent, and drift off to sleep without being disturbed. My scent of choice would have to be ‘Un Gardénia la nuit’ created by Dominique Ropion based on a headspace (ultra modern technique that enables to capture flowers or places scents) to reproduce the scent as close to the natural scent of gardenia.

Aesthetically, the diffuser looks like a device that should be in a modern art museum; a wireless red cube of 11cm in proportions, it can be recharged in a similar fashion as you would a mobile phone. The Fleur Mecanique is available exclusively from the boutiques Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle in Paris and New York.


5 Fragrances for Fleur Mecanique:
Rosa Rugosa created by Carlos Benaïm
1er Mai created by Dominique Ropion
Rubrum Lily created by Carlos Benaïm
Un Gardénia la nuit created by Dominique Ropion
Jurassic Flower created by Carlos Benaïm