In 1730, Juan Famenias Floris and wife Elizabeth, opened a quaint little shop at 89 Jermyn Street, London. 285 years later the elegant shop still stands, ran by the descendants of Juan and Elizabeth. In the 21st century, however, the business is worth an estimated £20 billion a year globally, and over 1,000 new fragrances are launched annually.

From the day of opening, the shop has grown to become famous for the intoxicating, unique fragrances created. The art of designing well distinguished fragrances runs deep within the veins of the Floris family.

From humble beginnings, the creation of each new fragrance took place in the basement of the original shop, the formula handwritten in a large leather bound book. With increasing demand, in 1989 a factory was set up in Devon, officially opened by HRH Princess Diana. It is here that all Floris products continue to be made.

Over the years Floris has catered to an incredible array of names. Including ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ who personally wrote a treasured letter to “Mr Floris” thanking him for his “beautiful sweet-smelling nosegays”. Written back in 1863, the note from Florence Nightingale is still proudly displayed in the London shop.

As Floris began to gain credibility in the US, a receipt was discovered in their collection dated December 1959 showing a purchase of Rose Geranium made for non other than Marilyn Monroe Miller.

Floris has now created ‘The Gentleman Floris’ a range of high quality skincare and grooming products to cater to the tradition of the daily routine. Using finest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world, a rich history of craftsmanship is met with modern practices.

Men’s Grooming, from £20 by FLORIS LONDON