It was whilst working on the set of Sherlock Holmes 2 that make up and prosthetics artist Patt Foad that gave birth to Foad Wax Ltd. At this point in time he had managed to cultivate himself a rather impressive moustache, but felt that many waxes that he had tried in the past did not have the versatility of hold and ease of styling that he sought after.

“A wax that was both firm yet yielding, stiff yet malleable, something that could be manipulated and played with throughout the day but also something that would keep a shape” – Patt Foad

Foad’s Toad Satin Wax was developed to give a loose to medium hold and a satin sheen finish. To be used alone for groomed, neater facial hair and a natural ‘flowing’ look. Toad Satin can also to be used mixed in conjunction with Foad Wax to aid its distribution, and create a unique mix and level of hold for a more styled look.

Toad Satin Wax contains Jojoba Wax, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and a zesty blend of natural essential oils. Jojoba wax is used as a Vegan alternative to the British Beeswax. Derived from the Jojoba plant seed, Jojoba wax is also a natural moisturiser and smooths out the hair cuticles making them shiny and healthy looking. Castor Oil is a natural humectant drawing moisture into the hair leaving it soft, shiny and strong. The Grapeseed Oil is again a moisturising agent but also provides the satin sheen.

It has a far softer consistency and improved hair conditioning properties. Easily warmed up, upon application there is little to no risk of pulling out moustache or beard hairs.

Toad Satin Wax, like Foad Wax, comes in a handy, pocket sized, lightweight and durable screwtop 1/2 oz – 15ml (approx) tin.