Professional footballers can often cause hair trends, good or bad. Think David Beckham, whatever hair style he chooses – many copy. We caught up with the man behind many of these cuts; Daniel Johnson. The man has cut and styled hair for the likes of Mr Beckham, Gareth Bale, Mario Balotelli and Loic Remy to name but a few.

“I always say it’s important to pick a style to suit you but that still is on-trend. Athletes today are role models and trendsetters so they tend to take more care in perfecting their image. Like everyone else, they want to look good.” Daniel Johnson

David Beckham

His long, swept back haircut has been quite popular this summer from football to reality shows and catwalks… as autumn/winter is hitting fast, keeping it a bit longer on the side is in demand.

Gareth Bale

The haircut that I gave Bale recently is the most requested haircut in the world. It was cut for his move to Real Madrid and has featured on the covers of countless magazines and newspapers. It’s still trending worldwide. To get this look, comb back to the side with short sides and a side part. Use a razor edge finish. This suits Gareth’s head and face shape perfectly!

Mario Balotelli

Mario’s ‘mirror cut’ is really bespoke, designer cut. I created it with just a comb, razor and a water bottle… I used them to create a mirror effect, and designed the double sided design with the trademark mohawk down the middle.

Jermain Defoe

Blond Jermaine – this style was created for the bold, iconic look. Jermain’s hair was dyed blond and then I shaved his head and concluded with a sharp razor finish. It was for an important England match so he was really happy when he went on to score goals in it with his new blond shell look. It’s a wicked style to have for summer but you need the confidence to rock it!

Wayne Rooney

Wayne’s hair was the hot topic this summer. I gave him a nice skin fade with french crop style. This finish was the most popular men’s look this summer. It’s easy to manage, is fresh and looks sharp!