With the weather hotting up spritzing a fragrance, even a luxury fragrance, on skin that is already perspiring will mean that it most likely will just slide off. The key to scent longevity is to ‘build’ scent on the skin, ensuring you smell of your favourite fragrance all day long- even at 5:30pm on the tube (a stern test for most men’s body odour).

The good news- most luxury perfume houses now produce body washes and body lotions to match the fragrance in their best-selling eau de toilette, parfum or cologne. The best way to build or layer a fragrance is to start by cleansing with a body wash which is a great foundation- then apply a body lotion and finally spritz the fragrance.

If each of the three products are all in the same fragrance it will build the scent into the skin and fragrance the entire body so the perfume will emerge slowly through your shirt over time. An easy win.

In order to layer with success and smell superb, may we suggest Cologne Indelebile by Frederic Malle- an incredibly fresh collection including body wash, body milk and cologne with finest neroli, orange zest, orange blossom, lemon and bergamot from lessenteurs.com; ideal for the summer months.