In 2000, Editions de Parfums was a completely new concept, launched by Mr Frederic Malle. 15 years on, the collection boasts 22 perfumes composed by 12 incredible perfumers. Each perfumer has a specific style that Frederic Malle has worked to enhance. The formulas are very streamlined, devoid of the superfluous and of repetitions. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, Frederic Malle have designed two limited edition collection boxes: one contains the full Editions de Parfums collection and the other offers the 10 perfumes that gentlemen favour most.

The collection boxes come with a Bakelite travel spray, true to the utilitarian and minimal aesthetics of the Frederic Malle brand. Finally, American artist Phillip Low was commissioned to create sculptures whose colours echo the perfumes: these works are featured in a book that recounts the career of the perfumers and the olfactory description of each of their creations. The set will retail at £235 for the 15th anniversary men’s collection box.