Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean


Since its inception, the wristwatch has been an indicator of a man’s tastes, a man’s place in society, and a symbol of a man’s style, hence making watch choice all the more important. Unfortunately, a good watch doesn’t come cheap, so you may have to hold fire on that special purchase until your funds match your tastes… or maybe not? An Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is up for the taking, as well as an Aston Martin (a replica that is). GE Fabbri are launching a new partwork model magazine giving James Bond fans the opportunity to build a perfect 1:8 scale replica of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, and by subscribing you get entered into a prize draw to win 007’s* watch.

“Aston Martin are delighted to be involved with this beautiful model of one of our most iconic cars. Everything about it is perfect – from the materials to the attention to details – all of which are synonymous with Aston Martin”.

To win the Omega Seamaster visit

*The watch is the same type of watch, not the exact one worn by Daniel Craig

Apple iScroll


While this does look to us like a concept design, this Apple device is apparently scheduled for release in 2017. The technology featured in this device will do to the iPhone, what the computer did to the typewriter.

According to Mac Life, this is what it will be comprised of:

1. The roll-out, bendable FOLED touch screen will be ideal for reading maps, reading the e-newspaper, or just watching a movie, using apps, or gaming.

2. When used as a laptop, the iScroll’s main touch screen will become an oversized Magic Track pad; it’ll be able to deduce the difference between intentional gestures and just resting your wrists to use the keyboard.

3. Advances in memory plastics will allow the iScroll’s flexible display to stiffen on command, giving it MacBook status.

4. Even in 2017, we’ll still encounter places with no signal. The iScroll will automatically syncronise its 1TB of RAM with your cloud storage.

Whether this device is actually real and scheduled for release, we will have to wait and see. It looks like the gentlemen of tomorrow are going to have new toys to play with.

via Cultureshoq

Nike Collegiate


There has always been a ‘murkiness’ in men’s fashion in the transition between men’s smart and casual; men struggle, erring too much to one extreme or the other. This Collegiate jacket from Nike is a great example of a hybrid piece; clean lines give it a smart edge, but the contrast sleeves add that casual element. The first of the new Spring 2011 Nike Sportswear ‘Destroyer’ Jackets, it’s insulated to take you from Spring to Summer with no drama.

Via HighSnobiety

Tuscany Per Uomo


From Aramis comes a sensual fragrance that embodies the Italian style and artistry; the bright diffusion of citrus with a touch of lavender fused together with aromatic accords and precious woods bringing you elements of the Mediterranean. Composed in 1984, Tuscany a veritable modern classic.

RRP £44 / €65

The Black Ivy


For those of you that are not yet acquainted with Street Etiquette, this video is a great place to start. A visual and oratory masterpiece.