Aspinal of London


Friday Five begins this week with more wash bag love – what can I say, our office is full of products and we need some way of transporting them all. Enough excuses, none needed with this Aspinal of London wash bag. Handmade in smooth Cognac English bridle leather with contrast saddle stitching, this wash bag is one even the lavish Neil ‘Bunny’ Rogers would be proud of. Lined with the luxurious Aspinal of London signature wipeable silk lining, the design offers a spacious interior for all the usual travel toiletries and is finished with a quality Swiss made zip and fastener. The question is, what to put in a wash bag of this calibre?

Well the answer to that riddle leads us nicely onto the second of our Friday Five…

Apollo Mikron


The European DE razor market was the dominant force in the early 50’s with the French and the German manufacturers (particularly from the Solingen region) leading the way. One of the forgotten families of razors is Apollo of Solingen, and more specifically their rare Apollo Mikron adjustable Safety Razor. As its name suggests, it’s small with a short handle akin to that of its descendant the ever popular Merkur Progress. This rare razor is definitely worthy of a place in your Aspinal – if you can get hold of one that is.



Tired eyes are something that no-one in the UK can claim to be completely free from. For those men who think YSL’s Touche éclat might be a bit touch advanced, you’ll be pleased to know that there are other alternatives. Lets take eyeSlices for example. They are the modern day equivalent of ‘cucumbers’ using patented cryogel technology to get rid of the signs of tired eyes, and all with 5 minutes of use. Sceptical? Thought as much – that’s why we’re trying them out over the next couple of weeks and will let you exactly how they perform.

Fred Perry World Cup Polo’s


With less than 2 months before the big tournament kicks off, it’s time to get your World Cup ‘Garms’ in order for those patriotic trips down to the Pub. For those of us that prefer to be a little different with their wardrobe, thankfully there are alternatives to Umbro’s catwalk collection. To celebrate this year’s World Cup, Fred Perry have created a range of polos representing 8 of the top teams. “Each shirt is based on the classic Authentic fit silhouette, and features an oversized Laurel on the chest with the Country’s name, as it appears on the national strip, written below. The tipping on each shirt represents the colours in the national team kit, so whether you are a fan of the team or not, these polos perfectly fuse team colours with Fred Perry’s famous polo.”

Pre-order at End, shipping first week of May

via Highsnobiety

iCade – iPad Arcade


Finally in this weeks Friday Five the iPad. With over 500,00 sales in the US in it’s first weeks launch, it’s fair to say that the iPad has been well received. I tried my hardest to ignore the iPad phenomenon, but then I came across this nostalgic beauty. I can just picture it now in the Ape to Gentleman office…


via BBC