Cristiano Ronaldo – The new face of….?

This week’s Friday Five ‘kicks off’ with our good ‘friend’ Cristiano Ronaldo and his foray into the world of advertising. It’s only a matter of time before he signs a deal with one of the big male grooming brands, and with the likes of Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods not exactly covering themselves in glory, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened before the end of this year… Football does take you many places Cristiano.

Click here to see the advert.

The ‘new’ must have tool…


At first glance it may not look like much but upon seeing it in the flesh, you wouldn’t have thought that it was built for something as menial as prying out blackheads; rarely has Ape to Gentleman come across something so delicate and elegant. That said, the build quality should come as little surprise – it was made by the Solingen masters of steel craftsmanship, Merkur (Dovo), whose safety razors have been dominating the shave forums for many years now. So just how does it work? The double loop allows whiteheads to be gently rolled out with the thin angled loop (top of picture) and the second, flat loop (base of picture) makes pressing out blackheads very simple. All sounds pretty straightforward, click here to try one out.

Viscount David Lindley Patriotic Box


The patriotism continues once again, but this week we’ve decided to forgo the washbag love. Presenting esteemed cabinet maker, and nephew of the Queen, Viscount David Linley.  The bespoke cabinetmaker has unveiled a new collection of very British accessories featuring an inlaid Union Jack design. Consisting of a humidor, jewellery box, tea caddy, cufflink box, and large and small picture frames, the exquisite pieces are finished in walnut with the flag artfully rendered in a marquetry of burr oak, burr walnut and ripple sycamore representing the colours of the Union Jack.

via Luxist

CREED’s 250th Birthday


If you are lucky enough to be in the Hamptons this summer, and wealthy enough to take full advantage, you would be well advised to take a walk down Saks Fifth Avenue, with a view to creating a fragrance collection that many gents would be hard pressed to replicate. One stop we’d recommend is 1 Hampton Rd, previously a bank, now set to become CREEDs new summer home. In their 250th Anniversary year, Paris CREED will be there all summer, along with an assortment of CREED’s iconic 40 fragrances.

Body Moisture spray from Clarins Men


Unveiled in time for the summer, and definitely perfect for us lazy men, (i.e. Apes) Clarins Men have released a new lightweight spray on moisturiser addition to their Clarins Mens range.  The moisturiser is quickly absorbed, and the ultra-lightweight lotion blends easily into your skin without sticking on body hair. The moisturising formula includes the exclusive ClarinsMen patented complex with skin-energising bison grass, galanga and purslane.