Can Hair Loss Shampoo Prevent Balding?

Characterised by a receding hairline and or a thinning crown, methods of slowing down natural balding include herbal preparations and men’s hair loss shampoo containing zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamin E.

Hair loss shampoo aims to remove and prevent the impact of DHT, a male hormone harmful to the hair’s growth cycle. If you suffer with thinning hair don’t reach for the shaver just yet, these products are specially formulated to resist hair loss and aid thickening.

It’s important to to mention that while hair loss shampoo will assist with slowing hair loss, breakage and better volume, hair loss is genetic. And in truth, the only ‘cure’ is a hair transplant. These shampoos should assist in maintaining what you have and pro-longing the inevitable however.

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Redken Cerafill Defy Shampoo

hair loss shampoo

Hair care specialist Redken addresses hair loss with its specifically created Cerafill range. Its gently cleansing shampoo with Zinc PCA helps reduce DHT, remove impurities, thickens and strengthens hair fibres to prevent breakage. Cerafill System Technology energises hair follicles to re-densify hair, improving the appearance of thinning hair, while nourishing the scalp. Hair is left looking and feeling fuller with a healthy shine, and invigorating ginger mint fragrance. 290ml

£18.50 >

Baxter of California – Protein Shampoo

Protein and nutrient enriched shampoo, suitable for all hair types, with a mild minty scent which carefully cleanses as it revitalises hair and scalp. High quantities of Protein, Coenzymes and nutrients promote strength, body and manageability of hair. DHT and other natural toxins are removed by the gentle formula along with oil buildup and environmental pollutants. 300ml

£18.00 >

Billy Jealousy – Fuzzy Logic

A highly concentrated shampoo that improves the strength and thickness of  hair and helps prevent hair loss. Packed with vitamins, the shampoo moisturises and cleanses hair and scalp with added active ingredients that help to block the formation of DHT- preventing hair loss from the root of the hair.

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