Monocle Shop, New York

Ape to Gentleman’s Friday Five this week begins with a civil celebration of the new Monocle store in New York.  After successful openings in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Hong Kong Shops, the Monocle Shop New York carries the brand’s constantly evolving collection of fashion and lifestyle products as well as design collaborations from Oliver Spencer, Tomorrowland x Monocle series, and Ettinger.

“Covering just 188 sq ft, the store, located in a red brick landmark building, features Monocle magazine’s distinctive black-and-white design format, created by Monocle’s team of designers in London. The shop also has wooden floors, a slatted oak screen built by local artist and carpenter Kenon Perry, Vitsoe shelving, and a fully retractable glass store front.”

Located @ 535 Hudson Street (at Charles Street)
New York City, NY 10014

Blackhead remover

While exfoliation can be an effective tool of combating the unsightly phenomena of Blackheads, much like Tax, sometimes there’s just no escape. Thankfully there are tools such as this ingenious device, to manually extract the troublesome skin clogs. Made in Germany and built to last; the chrome Merkur Blackhead Remover is double looped and features a non-slip brushed steel grip. The double loop allows whiteheads to be gently rolled out with the thin angled loop (top of picture) and the second, flat loop (base of picture) makes pressing out blackheads very simple. It’s the little things that count Gentlemen.

Travel by Valextra

The Italian purveyors of luxury travel have been rather quite of late, pictured above are two reasons why we need them to return. A must have for gents old and new.

Liquid Lunch?

So you’ve been with your other half for a while fancy doing something different for her; something more Apeish than Gent.  The Liquid Lunch For Two is a perfect accompaniment for a romantic evening for two, or a classy option for a ‘bring your own’ soirée. The stainless steel traveling bar set includes a jigger for accurate measurements, a 16oz cocktail shaker, two martini glasses, and two cocktail picks for good measure. Finished off with a stainless steel case enclosure, you have a mobile cocktail set for the modern gent.


Apple doing what they do best; competing against themselves and winning every time.