Ryan McGinness’s Women: The Blacklight Paintings


Here at Ape to Gentleman we like to bring you news of great events worldwide and this one is no exception. For those of you in the US, artist Ryan McGinness will be installing Women: The Blacklight Paintings and vinyl installations at The Shop and Le Bain in The Standard, New York presented by Country Club. This is the follow-up to last December’s installation during Art Basel Miami and will continue this Spring in Los Angeles.

The Blacklight paintings consist of fluorescent paint under the black light colour spectrum. To commemorate the exhibition:

Graphic vinyl installations are on view at The Standard, New York Shop and 18th floor club Le Bain during Armory Week (from today, March 3rd-6th)

300 Limited edition signed and numbered Blacklight posters as part of the exhibition throughout Armory week, published by Iconoclast Editions, $200 each. Size is 23 x 35 in available at The Shop for a limited time.

One exclusively created silkscreened print edition of the Blacklight Nudie Cards, printed in fluorescent inks and in an edition of 52 +5 APs. Size is 30 x 40 in, $5,500 available through The Standard Shop in New York. The Blacklight Nudie Cards are custom designed classic poker playing cards that will be released in LA in the Spring and available across all Standards.

To read an exclusive interview with Ryan on the collaboration, visit StandardCulture.com


Anthony Inside – ENERGY


Been a tough week and energy is scarce – we empathise gentleman. Where the week finishes,  the weekend begins and that’s why this Friday we’ve brought you some added help. If you suffer from fatigue or are looking for an extra energy boost Anthony Inside ENERGY provides an collection of energising nutrients that address both mental and physical fatigue. Ingredients such as the powerful antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol are included to support heart health, increase energy levels and physical performance. Not only does it support cardiovascular function and physical performance it also supports periodontal tissue health, proper immune system function, and hence the lifestyle of the modern gentleman.


my-wardrobe x Grenson Esquire 20th Anniversary William Brogues


It’s hard to believe that it was only 20 years ago that one of the modern iconic publications was born in the UK. Although founded in 1933, it actually wasn’t until 1991 that Esquire arrived on the English shores. To celebrate this momentous occasion, my-wardrobe has collaborated with classic shoemaker Grenson to produce a run of limited edition Grey and chalk Blue suede brogues. An apt way to celebrate your Anniversary indeed.


The Rugby Poets Club

What better way to ease you into your weekend than with a bit of poetry. The Rugby Poets Club is searching for the next great poet to share their self expression through written or spoken word. The Search for “The Next Great Poet” has begun in earnest with the winner receiving a $1,000 Rugby Wardrobe. Not bad. To give you an idea of what you’re up against, here’s an example entitled “Chariot” by Joshua Bennett:


Think you can do better Gentlemen? Submit and Vote at the Ralph Lauren Rugby Facebook Page. The winner will be chosen and announced mid-May followed by an in-store event co-hosted by The Next Great Poet.


MAKR Carry Goods


There are many ways to carry around your hard earnings, but while people work hard for their money, most put very little thought in how they transport it. MAKR, on the other hand, put so much thought into everything they make that you’ll be more concerned about losing the wallet than its contents. MAKR creates products that are as useful as they are thoughtfully produced.

We build things we wish existed, in ways we think are interesting. Our desire to produce reasonably priced goods in the USA often informs and inspires our designs and hinges on our ability to use efficient and forward thinking methods of production and patterning.

The subject of our fixation on this occasion is the MAKR Cordovan Flap Slim Wallet in Scraped Horween Cordovan leather. Masterful craftsmanship.