Mast Brothers – Chocolate Makers


There’s really not much to say about the start to the Friday Five, apart from enjoy. This is a visually satisfying introduction to American chocolate makers The Mast Bothers. Chocolate enthusiasts will appreciate the brothers’ meticulous attention to detail, both to the heritage of chocolate making and its visual surroundings. This certainly is chocolate for gentleman to enjoy.

Mast Brothers Chocolate via Selectism

Organic Homme


The ‘haute couture’ of the grooming world, Organic Skin Care continues to gain in strength in both the male and female markets. This week we take a look at organic male grooming experts Organic Homme.  It is brought to you from natural and organic skin care experts Green People, one of the first companies in the UK to provide organic skin products targeted to men.  Organic Homme’s skin care for men is free from Ethyl alcohol, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate, Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrances or Artificial Colours. What’s more gents, it’s 100% vegetarian.

Automated Lawnmower from Husqvarna


This device is a dream come true – an automated lawnmower. Even the most ardent gardener would be hard pressed to admit that they actually enjoy mowing the lawn. Horticulture is one thing, but the monotony of walking up and down your lawn is another. This device takes care of that side of things for you so that you can focus on the pruning of those much loved petunias.  Solar or battery powered, the mower can handle multiple terrains and even avoid obstacles. Simply plot out the mower’s boundaries with a special restrictive wire. It’s Eco friendly too, thanks to low rates of energy consumption and lack of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. A man’s best friend.

Husqvarna via TrendyMen

Cromwell and Cruthers


I know we talk a lot about shaving on this blog, but it is for good reason. The perfect shave is like the Holy Grail to the bearded man and we want to help you find it. Cromwell & Cruthers Shaving Oil, is an alternative to shave cream; it’s not a foam or a gel: it’s an entirely natural shaving oil that delivers a close, comfortable shave using only a few drops.

“Your victory will be well rewarded”

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