Nom de Guerre 2010 A/W “Violent” Video


An impacting way of introducing their latest seasonal collection, this week’s Friday Five begins with a look at New York brand Nom de Guerre. Aptly named “Countdown to Violence”, the 2010 Autumn/Winter lookbook continues the brand’s core theme of war, while taking its inspiration from apocolyptic fiction. The looks carry on with a military aesthetic, simple yet refined, with a certain contemporary elegance to each garment. Serious stuff indeed, but an good illustration of the various guises of the modern gent.

Nom de Guerre via Blame it on the Bogi



The bane of shaving Gentlemen (and Ladies alike), ingrown hairs effect approximately7/10 people in their lifetime. The IngrownFree solution is an ingrown hair formula that’s tough on ingrown hairs, yet easy on the skin; a formula that can be used long-term without losing its effectiveness or damaging the skin, while leaving your skin nourished and moisturised rather than dry and itchy. The wait is almost over gents IngrownFree is on the horizon, watch this space.

Let your fingers talk, while you walk


Women talk rubbish; men can multitask – well, at least we can with a little help we can. A ‘new’ application for Android users Road SMS allows you to text away will full awareness of what is going on around you. The Brogue friendly device will help you to navigate puddles by using the phone’s camera to provide video backdrop to your text. Genius.

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Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot


Although this falls convincingly into the ‘totally unnecessary but I still want it anyway’ category, I feel obligated to make you aware of its existence (if you are not already). A mobile phone worth $1million (£640k). So what do you call a handset with such an excessive price tag? You name it after the most extravagant Casino in the most opulent City in the world – the Gresso “Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot”. How does Gresso justify the price tag? Here’s how:  the handset is made out of 180 grams of pure gold, where it will also be encrusted with 45.5k black diamonds and accompanied by an African Blackwood back panel. All keypad keys were made from a single manually polished and laser engraved crystal sapphire. Furthermore only 3 of these lavish handsets will be made. Good luck getting insurance gents.

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After what seems an eternity of waiting and a relatively desolate transfer window (thus far) the Premiership is finally ready to kick into action tomorrow. Be prepared for another season of wags, crazy hairstyles and Soap Operatic drama that only football can provide.