Old Spice

These series of adverts send a great message out to the male grooming population; get the look you want but don’t take yourself too seriously. This is just one in the series of entertaining Old Spice adverts currently airing over in the US. Somehow I doubt the UK equivalents will be quite as entertaining… Click the continuation to see the video.

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retaW Tokyo


Ape to Gentleman are always on the hunt for new brands, especially ones from as far a field and exotic as Asia. Imagine our delight when we ‘stumbled’ across the natural Japanese brand retaW. The name is quite simply “Water” backwards which the brand founders identify as being the ‘origin of life’, with the natural essence of plants forming the core ingredient list of this Unisex brand. Pictured is the latest addition to the retaW range, a Special Care lip balm. The moisturising Lip balm protects from al the elements and has a faint smell of the blended essential oils of rosemary & lemon. Not sure how you get it over to the UK just yet, but when we do you’ll be the first to know.


New Genes


As we grow older, so our taste and style evolves and we are often not able to wear certain brands we were fond of in our youth. As was the case with Evisu; while the Japanese denim brand is renown for the quality of its denim, the style was definitely more fittying of Ape rather than Gentleman. In their new Autumn/Winter ‘10 season collection Evisu has grown up, and there are certainly pieces that would fit into any Gents wardrobe. Welcome to adulthood.

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Empty Fragrance?


Although this idea is more of a conceptual one, it highlights the potential opportunities for new fragrance bottle design. Japanese designers Nendo will present this seemingly-empty perfume bottle in Milan next week in their private exhibition “Chair Garden”.

While the bottle itself is filled with nothing, the cap contains a secret bottle capable of holding 2 ml of fragrance. Bubbles in the glass give the illusion that the bottle contains a fragrance. They say “The idea is that by giving users this experience of ‘emptiness’, the bottle invites them to explore the invisible sensation that is fragrance”. We say it’s a great way to stop your mates from stealing your Tom Ford.

Nendo via Dezeen

Tiger Woods


This weeks Friday Five finishes by showing our respect for the man of Steel, no not Superman, the other man of Steel, Tiger Woods. Making his return in the Augusta Masters he has typically taken the challenge to the course and is right up there on the leader board already. Heroic performance thus far.