Kent Brushes

This weeks Friday Five has a slightly different ebb and flow to it, starting with some UK heritage. G B Kent & Sons Ltd, have manufactured brushes since the eighteenth century making it one of the oldest established companies in Great Britain. Impressive. Not only that, such is their heritage and calibre of their craftsmanship, they have been granted a Royal Warrant for the last nine reigns of the British Monarchy. Very impressive.  As proof of this expertise, pictured above is their classic king size pure silver tip badger shaving brush, with the Royal Warrant and a ‘pure badger’ insignia stamped in silver ink. Most impressive.

Random fact: In a top secret operation during World War II, Kent made shaving brushes in which maps and compasses were concealed for sending to overseas British prisoners of war to help them find their way home should they escape.

Tree Hotel

The modern gentleman has many choices for his holiday destinations, but with travel becoming a ‘fad’, the tourist industry has made holidays all the more standardised. This is why ideas such as this Tree Hotel can help the gents find their own piece of urban suburbia, albeit in a not so different location. Based at Harads in Sweden, the Tree Hotel features 6 unique rooms built in and amongst the trees. The project was conceived by Kent and Britta Lindvall, with each room being built by different architects.

Mangroomer Professional


We last came across Mangroomer on Ape to Gentleman when we tackled unsightly back hair, and now they have returned with version two – the Mangroomer Professional. They haven’t ‘re-invented the wheel’ but what they have done is added a few key features (that probably should have been on the first edition) to make it even better. First of all they have added quick charge rechargeable battery which is essential in modern times, and will save stacks of money on batteries. Secondly they’ve added a premium blade to improve the quality of the shave; a must have for those with more stubborn back hair. Finally they’ve rubberised the whole razor to improve control and comfort. Your back will never be the same again, and that’s a good thing.

The Mercury: The Future of British Rail Travel…?

With fuel prices skyrocketing and the increasing pressure to go green, the UK is forced to examine other methods of transport. The current state of public transport gives the modern gentleman no inclination to forgo the comfort and luxury of his car for the somewhat slow, uncomfortable and unreliable alternatives. Thankfully for us (and the environment) there are visionaries like Paul Priestman to give us an option.

Designer of the iconic Virgin Pendolino train, Paul Priestman of Priestmangoode has unveiled his concept for the UK’s new high speed train in a pre-emptive move to persuade the government of the urgent need to move forward as soon as possible with the project. The exterior of the train, designed to emulate design classics such as Concorde, the Spitfire and Rolls Royce, will be 400 metres long and the extended nose section will be one of the most extreme in the world – vitally important for the aerodynamics of a train which will travel at 225mph.

Paul Preistman says “We need to persuade people to travel by train to achieve a successful low-carbon economy. To do that, train travel needs to be as exciting as air travel and as sexy as the latest car. Not only does it need to be fast, it needs to be modern, luxurious, exciting and stylish. Mercury is all those things”.

Preistman is not just a designer he’s a pioneer, and we really hope that he gets his way.

So Long, Farewell, Aufwiedersehn, Old Spice…

The Old Spice Adverts have captured the imagination of the world since their launch back in February during the Superbowl, but like all good things it has come to an end. To bow out in style, Isaiah Mustafa made some personalised videos to address some of the more popular responses he had received. One has to wonder where the Ape to Gentleman reply video is? He’s probably taking his time over that one, and rightly so. Say goodbye to the man you(r man) could smell like.