Space Invaded

It’s Friday and feeling a touch on the nostalgic side, so imagine our delight on stumbling upon this 8-bit artefact from the Atari Hall of Fame’. A concept by the designer Igor Chak, the couch needs no explanation, but we will give it one anyway. The seat is inspired by (in case you hadn’t guessed) “Space Invaders” and made entirely out of leather, with two glass armrests. One for the games room perhaps gents?

Bulgari Man


As the new Bulgari Man is touted as a fragrance for the “sophisticated man”, i.e. our readers, so we thought we would be kind enough to forewarn you of its arrival. Bulgari Man is a white woody oriental fragrance with a traditional, intense woody accord. The bottle, equally highly regarded as the fragrance contained within, was created by design studio Atelier Oï;

We sought to create a formal universe of strong masculinity that is calm, imposing and solemn. Like a monolith rising up towards the light, the interplay of straight lines and dynamic curves captures the formal heritage of Bulgari while creating a new contemporary and intuitively ergonomic aesthetic”.

Prices range from £33 for 30ml, to £56 for 100ml and is exclusively available at House of Fraser from 23rd August 2010 and nationwide from 6th September 2010.

1950′s Steky 16mm Miniature Spy Camera

There are some things in life that serve absolutely no purpose in our daily existence, yet we yearn to own them anyway. This is one of them. Can’t imagine that many people have the use for a 16mm spy camera in modern times (that said recent news may suggest otherwise). This Japanese made 1950’s Steky spycamera measures approximately only 2.5″ by 1″. Perhaps the reason we collect is to harbour reminders of tradition, as Mason Cooley once said:

Preserving tradition has become a nice hobby, like stamp collecting.”

This camera is one hell of a stamp.

Classic Male Grooming

Scottish Fine Soaps have developed a new male grooming range, and it’s already a ‘classic’. With traditional values such as quality, luxury and fragrance Classic Male Grooming is enriched with natural ingredients such as, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, while infused with Clary Sage and Lavandin extracts – renowned for their naturally therapeutic properties which will rehydrate and soothe skin. All sounds good gents; as always we’ll give it a try and let you know exactly how it performs. Watch this space.

New kits please…

We’ve done our very best to give you a break from a football saturated summer, that said there is no ignoring the fact that the start of the season is nearly upon us. The season begins with the two Premiership juggernauts (Manchester Utd and Chelsea) battling it out on Sunday for the inaugural Charity Shield, which incidentally both managers are tactically dumbing down as ‘a match to get players up to speed’. Quite.  Speaking of getting up to speed, the team to catch this season will almost definitely be FC Barcelona – so here’s the shirt to keep your eyes on Gents.