As Father’s Day is fast approaching we thought rather than give you the normal Friday Five, we would do an Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide featuring some rather unusual gifts to bestow on our fathers this coming Sunday. Don’t expect to see any  iPads, iPhones or tickets to the World Cup final in this list, our Fathers deserve much more originality than that. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas:

Puma Table Tennis table

I don’t care what anyone says, table tennis never gets old, and people never get to old to play table tennis. Seeing as how great our Fathers are, we can’t just give them any old table, so Puma have come up with this new concept Chalk Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) table. Designed by aruliden for Puma, the hand made chalk table incorporates ash wood legs, a ceramic chalk surface and handy under table storage for your equipment. Available from The Conran Shop.

Korres Men’s Fragrance

You may say it’s just a fragrance, but it isn’t just any fragrance, it’s a Korres frangrance. This means that it has been made from natural ingredients and with minimal evironmental impact. A veritable ‘Man-scent’  Korres Saffron, Amber, Agarwood, Cardamom Fragrance is a spicy eau de toilette made with key ingredient Saffron from Kozani in northern Greece; considered the world’s finest Saffron producer, it offers over 150 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds and is famed for its bitter-sweet taste. The fragrance comes elegantly housed in a stylish dark brown glass bottle. Please recycle after use.

Chairless by Vitra

Has your Dad been complaining about tiredness lately? Then this is the perfect gift for him; with the ‘Chairless’ he can sit down wherever he wants. Run out of seats on the train, waiting at the airport, Chairless is a seating ‘device’ for the business man or modern nomad. How does it work? Chairless strap relieves the spine and legs, so that hugging your knees or using a support is no longer necessary and because it is so light and compact, your father will be able to take it with him wherever he goes:

There are no more risks involved when using Chairless than there are when using a conventional chair. In particular, where there are known knee or back problems, use of the chair should possibly be increased gradually in order for the user to become accustomed to it and to avoid adaptive reactions.”
Dr. med. Marco Caimi

retaW Allen Body Wash

Don’t want to spoil the surprise on this one, but all I will say is that we’ve tried it out in the flesh and it’s magnificent. A guaranteed winner with fathers worldwide. Why is it a winner? Don’t worry gents we will tell you more, a full review to come on Ape to Gentleman.

Nike Stadium Milan 11 Aside Table Football

Unfortunately as you get older, something’s that used to be bread and butter become toil and labour. One of these such things is sport. Luckily there are products like this around to allow your fathers to enjoy the 11-a-side Football experience, without even taking to a field. Well done Nike, you’ve just done it.

Fusion Proglide Power razor

We we’re already more than happy with The Art of Shaving Fusion Power razor as an ultimate gift, but they’ve now unleashed another shaving must-have using Gillette newest ProGlide Power blade with their Fusion Chrome Collection Proglide Power razor. The built-in light reveals details normally unseen detail in areas such as under the chin and jaw line – to help him avoid missed spots. The sleek, contemporary handle is handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in a matte black, thermo-resin grip.

Wine Tour – Provence

Bottles of wine make a good present but here at Ape to Gentleman we like to do things a bit differently, so this Father’s Day treat him to a wine tour; a wine enthusiasts dream come true. Summer trip to the Rhône and Provence regions of south-eastern France where he’ll have the chance to visit some of the area’s most celebrated vineyards, sample wines that are often difficult or impossible to find back home – plus you’ll be able to enjoy the unique gastronomic specialities and delicious cuisine of this fascinating and sun-drenched region. He’ll also have a unique opportunity to enjoy beautiful countryside and historic towns; just make sure he remembers to bring some wine back.

Monocle x Matsuyama Sugi Body Soap

Perhaps your father is the sort that likes to peruse The Economist or an avid fan of the elite magazine Monocle. In which case you could treat him to a father’s day gift from Monocle’s own shop. Being a men’s skin care blog the gift we’re naturally leaning towards is the Monocle x Matsuyama Sugi Body Soap. Developed as an exclusive for Monocle by Japanese soap makers Matsuyama, the Sugi Body Soap is available in 300ml, Monocle designed bottles. The national tree of Japan, Sugi, or Japanese cedar is popular as an ornamental species and has a delicate but energising cedar fragrance.

Want les essentials de la vie 48 Deurne Bag

Regardless of the age of your father you cannot possibly go wrong with the versatile over night bag; timeless and multifunctional, a must have in any man’s luggage collection. From Montreal based leather goods company Want les essentials de la vie this elegant overnight bag is finished off with their trademark sliver and gold zip. For father’s that are keen on being green the Deurne 48hr bag is also available in 100% Organic Cotton. If you’re really lucky, he might even let you borrow it.