Calling all Apes and Gentlemen currently about to embark on that gap year of a life time. A-Levels done, university place cemeted, travel arrangements booked, now what? Well, the folks at Wash & Go have prepared some sound advice for your travels.

Let’s face it, whether you’re preparing for a week in Kos, a long weekend in Paris, or a 6 month adventure around the world, packing is the most stressful, least exciting part of it. With more school leavers preparing to take gap years than usual, Wash & Go (the 2-in-1 shampoo that offers “great hair, no fuss”) brings you some top 2-in-1 tips on how to ensure packing is as painless as possible:

  1. Literally put two in one! Shoes are bulky and often take up the majority of space in your bag – make the most of the room they take up by packing socks and underwear inside
  2. Keep toiletries simple with 2-in-1 products. Wash&Go 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is all you need to keep your barnet in order, suncream will double up as moisturiser and Vaseline is endlessly useful! Plus, because Wash & Go Universal comes in a 200ml bottle it won’t weigh you down, and at just £1 (RRP) it leaves extra pennies for those calls home
  3. Pack a Duracell myGrid – this slimline gem charges everyone’s favourite gadgets (as long as they have micro- or mini-USB ports or are Apple devices or Blackberries) so there will be no excuse not to keep in touch!*
  4. Invest in a mosquito net with built in insect repellent. This will mean fewer heavy bottles and you’ll still be protected from the little blighters!
  5. Pack some antibacterial wet wipes – not only are these great for wiping hands before eating, you can use them to clean cuts and grazes or as a cloth to wipe surfaces!
  6. We know that matching clothes isn’t top of the list before you jet off, but you can save some hassle by packing smart. Think about the weather and go for lightweight, but warm and windproof materials. Choose clothes that you can mix and match and that will take you from day to night if needs be!

Keep it simple! Travelling is complicated enough, and we know you just want to pack and go. Travel the world with great hair and no fuss with Wash & Go Universal, which is suitable for all hair types and means that whether you’re worrying about spiders, washing or language barriers, keeping clean needn’t be on your mind.

Bon voyage gents!