In November 2009, Garrett Leight opened an optician’s in his hometown of Venice Beach, California. The rest is history.

Fast forward eight years, and Garrett Leight’s SS/17 collection of sunglasses is going places they’ve never ventured before.

These boundary-pushing designs are really a departure from their signature style of frames as the collection explores new shapes, new finishes, and new textures.

glco_hampton-clip-brand-bookThe Seville, for instance, showcases a round metal style with a Southwestern-inspired bridge pattern, and the iconic Van Buren style has been reinvented with acetate elements and semi-flat glass lenses.

The collection’s acetates come in a natural palette of soft pastels, desert landscapes and minerals enlivened with new pop colors and custom tortoises.

Aviators are also making a comeback in SS/17, including the Canal with inverse Windsor rims, the classically shaped Riviera, and the Toledo, a thin teardrop shape with flat gradient lenses.

glco_bentley-brand-bookThe lenses themselves move past basic brown and grey gradients to custom glass and metallic layered mirror finishes.

Influenced by the hypnotic minimalism of California artist James Turrell’s experiments in light and space, classics like the Hampton and Brooks have been refreshed with semi-flat glass lenses to add another level of color and reflection.

Revamped classics pair up with completely fresh new designs to create a collection of sunglasses with truly contemporary colors, materials, and silhouettes to go beyond the everyday.

howlandWith The Weeknd, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Justin Timberlake being spotted in Garrett Leights recently, the SS/17 Collection is our pick for the frames you should be wearing this summer.

The SS/17 Collection, by GARRETT LEIGHT