Rather than a Friday Five this week we have decided to provide you with a selection of five different gifts to give, or receive this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day 2011 is set to be a more thoughtful than extravagant affair with people more penny conscious due to the market conditions. Here is a selection of gifts which won’t break the proverbial bank, are thoughtful, and can be enjoyed by both.

Recycled Glass Terrarium


Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day has to be one of the most common gifts received, so take it one step further with a Terrarium. Historically a pricy purchase, these recycled Glass Terrarium’s start from less than $30. Each terrarium is unique and is made with at least 50% recycled glass which is typified by impurities such as bubbles, dimples, grit marks, and ripples which further enhance the organic natural feel. Give a gift that reflects your relationship this Valentines, a gift of floral permanence.




At first glance, you’ll probably think that the gift is actually a lollipop, but alas, this is not the case. Lolli-pop is actually a book of photography by Italian born photographer Massimo Gammacurta. The brands are as sweet as candy for the palate and the eye. The perfect coffee table companion (at 19EUROS) ‘Lolli-pop’ is a sweet, affordable gesture to be made this Valentine’s Day.


Calico Gift Box


The most expensive gift in our Valentine’s collection ($150), Calico’s limited edition gift box is an extensive gift, with both variety and character. The Boxes are hand constructed by Kathryn Anne Davis, from reclaimed local redwood and sources the mostly local and vintage goods found inside. The boxes double as planters and among the collection of gifts is a small seed packet for use after unpacking. The boxes come complete with vintage paperback, vintage bandana, local Cocoa chocolates, a piece of Japanese Rollbahn stationery, shaving cream from Baxter of California, and soap from Juniper Ridge. A veritable Treasure Chest that Blackbeard himself would be proud of.


Valentines [email protected]


Inject a little fun and playfulness back into your relationship with a Medicom Bearbrick ([email protected]) toy. These Japanese Toy bears have now become fashion collectibles, with brands from Chanel to BMW having their own specialist designs made. For Valentine’s Day 2011, [email protected] have released a new range of Valentines designs (pictured above). At prices ranging from £4 to £400, find that special Bearbrick for your partner, and make his/her Valentines.


retaW Candle Allen


Last, and by no means least, a candle from Japanese retaW in the popular with fruity and floral Allen Scent.  The candles are made using a carefully crafted blend of essential oils. Each scent soothes the body and mind with a truly relaxing aroma. Probably the most obvious gift in our selection, the candle smells great, burns for hours, and is something that can be enjoyed by both. One of those almost ‘selfish’ purchases, the retaW candle is a great way to set an aromatic atmosphere this Valentines.